Who We Are

Nick Estey was born in Massachusetts, and raised in Northern Kentucky from the age of 5. It is here where he and his wife, Sarah, met during their senior year of high school. Sarah and Nick have now been happily married for many years, and added two children to their family along the way.

Nick has been perfecting his skills as a talented craftsmen since he was a child himself. As a second generation carpenter, Nick learned and worked alongside his father, who was a woodworking instructor, and furniture maker.  After years of gaining valuable experience as a woodworker, Nick began working in the field of construction at a young age. Most recently, Nick worked for a custom home builder and high-end remodeling company in the Northern Kentucky area, for 12 years, as a lead carpenter and project manager. Throughout those 12 years, Nick also worked as a General Contractor, completing part time remodel jobs to begin growing his own business. Nick was able to refine his expertise in all things carpentry and home building during this time.

During the Summer of 2022, Nick and his family relocated to McKinney, Texas, to further expand Seven Street Construction. Nick’s passion is truly in his work and business. He loves to create, build, and make any residential space a place worth being.


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